December Style Favourites

This December has been particularly tricky to style for with the consistantly variant weather. Whilst layering up in the morning I often find myself taking off a jacket and a scarf as the day becomes ever so slightly milder. It can be especially irritating on a crowded commute...grr!

So, we thought we'd take a look at a few bloggers who pull off a range of stunning looks that work this season!


Naomi G rocking the Floral Bomber Jacket

What better way to rock our Floral Bomber Jacket than some ripped jeans and a white tee. Naomi (Diamons N Pearls) fabulously pulls off the jacket with a casual look that accentuates the print of the jacket against the lighter colours of the trousers and tee. Teamed up with a bun or some messy curls and you're all set!

This style is perfect for a slightly warmer winter day when you're out and about with friends or going for a relaxed lunch.


Terrible Tumbles and her elegant Black Lace Look

 As the saying goes, you can't go wrong with black, and it's very true. Terrible Tumbles creates a striking and delicate look with our black lace jacket paired with a colour matching vest, trousers and high heels. The detail on the sleeves allows for some breathing space in crowded areas whilst still adding some warmth.

This look is perfect for a night out, pair it with a clutch and a wider choker necklace to complete the style.


Keeping it warm with Lucy Earnshaw

If you're really feeling the cold this December and need an outfit that will keep you feeling toasty, then we suggest taking one of our Pleated Chiffon Jackets and pairing it with some jewellery. The openess of the jacket allows you to add some sparkle below the neck, we'd suggest coupling that with a basic v-neck tee. This look brings a sophisticated style that will bring a lot of fashion-loving admirers your way. 


Perfect for a cute evening along the Thames or a night-out with the girls to your favourite restaurant.


What style are you working this festive season?