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HAPPY SPACE UK - Mental Health Awareness Week

May 22, 2020 Sally McLellan

This week has been Mental Health Awareness Week, and this year’s theme has been “kindness”, focusing on the power and potential of kindness and its deep connection to our mental wellbeing. The week has encouraged people to be kind, as well as shine a light on the ways that kindness has already been flourishing during COVID-19. 

Happy Space UK is a preventative mental wellbeing charity that aims to provide students with a wellbeing toolkit in order to help protect the minds of a future generation. Happy Space UK seeks to achieve this predominantly by delivering Guidebooks to students in transitional stages, including year 6 and sixth form. Happy Space UK also provides talks for students, partners with other mental health service providers, hosts events and carries out in-house research.

Happy Space has been encouraging people this week to take on the #HappySpaceActsOfKindess challenge. It’s not too late to take part! All you have to do is:
  1. Choose an ‘act of kindness’ (e.g. sending some personalised kindness notes to family and friends to show them you are thinking of them in this difficult period)
  2. Post a picture on your Instagram story
  3. Tag @HappySpaceUK and use the hashtag #HappySpaceActOfKindness
  4. Nominate 5 of your friends and family to do the same.


Happy Space UK is also sending FREE guidebooks to any children aged between 10-12 as part of their #HappySpaceAtHome campaign. At Happy Space understands the strain that COVID-19 is having for both students and parents, so if you would like a copy of our guidebook please contact us on Instagram @HappySpaceUK or email partnerships@happyspace.org.uk.