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LIVE AT HOME - Our customers share their stories on adapting to life at home

April 30, 2020 Tracy Egan

 Our customers share their stories on adapting to life at home...


Rhonda Crosby, Gosforth, Newcastle Upon Tyne

When Live Unlimited asked me to write a little about my life in lockdown, I wasn’t too sure what I could write? I’m sure so many of you will be feeling much of the same, so i thought i would tell you a little about me and my family and how we are managing day to day during this time.... I’m a 50 year old wife to Martin and mother of two teenagers, Maddy 15, next year is  doing her GCSEs and Ben 13, who starts high school in September. We live in Newcastle upon Tyne, we love our life here. It’s not quite the life we signed up for, but I can’t emphasise enough how happy we are.

Martin is a manager for the NHS, in fact he’s just got a new senior management job and I run my own illustration business and run several after school art clubs.  

Now we find ourselves in “lockdown”, the children are at home with me, Marts at work, there are a different set of challenges. My day starts at 6.30am, have a quick cuppa then drive Martin to work. Home just after 7 and in my old sweatpants and hoodie, drag our gorgeous cockerpoo,  Robin, out for a good 6m walk. Great start to the day, gives me heaps of time to plan what we need to be doing, (then fail to do it all), usually am home to rouse the gruesome twosome to get up and do PE with Joe Wicks at 9am.....and then after showers the challenging bit of schoolwork begins.

Maddy seems to just crack on with it, the occasional meltdown, missing her friends, even lessons and being taught by an actual teacher. Ben meanwhile, is a teacher pleaser at school but the total opposite at home. We’ve had many a clash! I’m finding it so frustrating as it’s so time consuming trying to help and encourage him and often feels fruitless. Bribery of xbox usage is proving effective! I’m sure I’m not saying anything different to anyone else right now.

After the first week or two of lockdown, largely unwashed/styled hair, zero make up dressed in sweatpants and old band tshirts, I took myself in hand! I work from home anyhow, so really had no excuse! I’m thrilled to have found Live and have it in my life now.  I can’t tell you how a pair of good fitting jeans (after years of digging in waistbands), feel! 

I can’t tell you how happy I am in my new husband can! He’s even bought me new “going out top” for when the lockdown lifts and we can get back out there! Cannot wait!!!


Catherine, South West London - Theatre Matron 

‘It’s been a busy week...catching up with my team who are working in different areas... all doing our absolute best. Most of us were able to pause for a minutes silence on Tuesday at 11am.  It was a chance for us to get together and reflect.

We are so well supported by our local community. We get gorgeous meals from local restaurants and caterers, all made with love.

Local children also send in bakes, and very often add beautiful pictures and cards for us. I’m trying to focus on the artwork rather than the cakes... I fear I may have to go up a size.... !


Mandy Bird, Winchmore Hill - Solicitor for Live Unlimited

Lots of changes have been needed over the last few weeks to adapt to life under lockdown and working from home. Live Unlimited’s new working from home range has given me clothes that look and feel great to wear, so that although working from home may have its challenges what to wear isn’t one of them !


Alison, Leigh-on-Sea

Well after the initial excitement of not having to sit in my car for 3 hours a day commuting to my office and being able to use the time to combine working with doing the never ending jobs round the house .. it didn’t take long for the reality of working from home to sink in ... I have never worked so hard !!

The strain of looking at a screen all day and learning how to use all these new communication methods is certainly taxing !!! On a positive note my technical skills have much improved !! But the thing I miss the most is human contact. 

I have always known I am a people person and being in a caring profession I am so aware that no amount of high tech equipment can replace that human connection ☹️ The body language cues are 80% of our communication and to be able to show empathy and understanding so important. 

I am missing the lack of human interaction loads especially as I am a hugger !! But what I do know having family and friends in the amazing NHS is that we have to stick to these rules in order to protect ourselves and the most vulnerable. 


 Dawn Mitchell, St Albans

Hi I’m Dawn, I own my own business and I’m a Mortgage Adviser.

I generally work from home but meet clients occasionally at their homes. Due to COVID 19 the housing market has slowed down and this has affected my business considerably.

Now I have more time on my hands, I am looking after my mum and enjoying time in the garden. 

Diana Daniels, Brentwood  

I work as a manager in the NHS. I am proud to work for such a wonderful organisation who were able to get the whole service that I manage; working agilely from home within a matter of days following lock down.

As we are all aware, lock down has had a negative impact on the wellbeing of the nation. My service is still able to offer comprehensive support to our clients, be that on the phone or via video link.  On some days I am able to work  from home. 

I've used my time to get to know my neighbours and have been able to build friendships.  As a key worker I am lucky to be able to shop in supermarkets at a dedicated time. I haven’t taken this privilege for granted and I’ve been able to shop for neighbours who are shielding or self-isolating.

Lock down has given me time to be reflective, both personally and professionally.  I realise that when it is “business as usual” we often forget the importance of “relationships” and genuinely looking out for each other.