LIVE AT HOME - Chantelle Douglas, Brand Ambassador - Live Unlimited London

LIVE AT HOME - Chantelle Douglas, Brand Ambassador

May 29, 2020 Sally McLellan

Hey! My name is Chantelle Douglas I am 36 and a mother to three wonderful children. I am a plus size model and hairdresser based in Bristol.

Living in lockdown has definitely come with its challenges, what with homeschooling and continuing with my studies online. I am also in a long distance relationship and haven't been able to see my boyfriend for 12+ weeks.

Not being able to work has given me time to create some content for my modelling and influencer Instagram account (@chantelleplusmodel). I have even had the time to clear out mine and my children's wardrobes. The children and I have been baking and cooking a lot more, I was delighted to find out that my son Tre can bake the most incredible brownies. My son Tai also makes a banging chilli! 

The children and I have been trying to keep active by waking around our local park, but my fave thing to do is soak up some ray's in our back garden.

My fave go to outfit since being in lockdown has to be the Live Unlimited black hoodie and jogger set, it allows me to get on with my day whether that be the housework, homeschooling or the new going 'out out' (the weekly essential food shop). Then there is the black linen dress for the warmer days.