LIVE AT HOME - Nicky Cook, Design Director - Live Unlimited London

LIVE AT HOME - Nicky Cook, Design Director

May 07, 2020 Sally McLellan

Being a part of the design team at Live Unlimited my mind never really stops collecting ideas, but being in lockdown has enabled me to spend plenty more time doing this and exploring new avenues.

It has also made me focus on how our clothes need to be versatile in these unusual times.  This change of circumstance has definitely played a big part in how we’ve been putting the new ranges together, I know from my own point of view its important to feel relaxed and comfortable at the home, but to also have styles that can be dressed up for those all important FaceTime calls! We want to meet those needs in all our new collections.


Obviously the downside of lockdown is not being able to see my friends and family, but I have decided to take the positive approach and get involved in things I never normally have time to do.

More time cooking and drinking goes without saying, but making use of all those empty bottles has become a small hobby…soap and moisturiser dispensers are my focus this week.! 


I've also turned my hand to a bit of furniture renovation and up spec'd an old dressing table that was destined for the tip! The trouble is I keep trying to find something else to in the house to transform…running out of furniture now!

So instead I’m focusing on my other passion which is photography, albeit amateur, but being able to go on my daily walks amongst the beautiful spring flowers has been a real pleasure, especially in the good weather we’ve been having, managed to grab up a bit of a tan too!


So there’s just a little insight into my time in lockdown….

Stay safe, stay positive and make the most of this time to explore your inner talents!