LIVE AT HOME - Sally McLellan, Merchandise Manager - Live Unlimited London

LIVE AT HOME - Sally McLellan, Merchandise Manager

May 15, 2020 Sally McLellan

Living on my own during lockdown has been challenging at times, my boyfriend works in Italy so he has been in lockdown since early March and we have not seen each other for 3 months now.  But I have been using the time to get all those jobs done around my flat and also hone some important life skills - baking & cocktail making!    

I have branched out from my normal Victoria sponge & banana bread and have tried some very gooey raspberry brownies, an Italian savoury snack called taralli (great for aperitivo time!) and even made some fairy cakes for my nephews to decorate which I dropped off on the doorstep for them!

I like to think I have mastered making a great martini too!  I normally like to enjoy my favourite cocktail at Ronnie Scotts but that's obviously not possible at the moment so I have been practising at home with the jazz being supplied by Spotify!

To try to counteract the cake & cocktails I have got my running groove back, getting out every other morning since we have been in lockdown, I am so thankful we were able to continue with outdoor exercise.   And the days I didn't run I have been discovering local places I never knew existed when out walking, my favourite had to be the beautiful bluebell woods! 


My normal style is to throw on a dress, which I am lucky to have an abundant supply of at work being sample size!  But I have found myself wearing a lot more casual pieces since being at home, joggers & tee's have been top of the list, so I was so thankful we had recently introduced a lot more casual pieces to our collection, my favourite being our yellow star tee.  But I have been 'making an effort' on my Saturday virtual night out with my friends when make up & a dress has been put on!


Stay safe & see you all on the other side, cake and cocktail in hand!