LIVE  AT  HOME - Tracy Egan,  Creative Director &  Co - Founder - Live Unlimited London

LIVE AT HOME - Tracy Egan, Creative Director & Co - Founder

April 24, 2020 Tracy Egan


Well, life for me since lockdown has been busier than ever - which I think has to be a good thing. I’m doing video conference calls every day with the design team, where we are continuing to design and create beautiful product for you for the Autumn. We are even doing our fit sessions with our lovely models remotely - needs must!

I’ve been really proud of the team and how everyone has been working so hard, and everyone has shown such commitment to keep those ‘Live’ wheels moving! 


My new workspace consists of my kitchen table to work on colour palettes and sketch ideas, as that’s the only place I can properly spread out!  The little office I have at home has now become a mini showroom and all the samples we have developed, and fabrics we are working on, get sent to me, so we can start to build the next ranges. 

I’m juggling, as we all are, work with two teenage sons who are struggling to get used to learning at home, and really aren’t very happy about not being out in the world! 
My day starts with a long walk with my gorgeous (but bonkers) puppy Barney. The weather has been amazing and we are lucky enough to be able to walk along a river tow path 
- so my morning walks have become such a great, and sunny, start to my day. 

When I’m home - I make breakfast and head to my little office. Barney really is living his best life and loves us all being constantly around. He can be found pretty much always snuggled up on the office chair next to me!


My ‘at-home’ style is definitely way more casual than my usual work wardrobe. My work day was so varied with design meetings, looking at fabric ranges, business strategy meetings, fit meetings, reviewing shoot photography, writing copy for the new collections...and no two days were remotely the same! For me, being both smart and comfortable were key. 
Nowadays, my early morning walk will be in a hoodie, tee shirt and joggers,
but with the onset of this beautiful Spring sunshine I have definitely found it can lift my mood to get out of casuals occasionally and throw on a dress.  I think it’s important that now, more than ever before, we put ourselves in the best possible frame of mind and “find what feels good” whatever that may mean for you.