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Time for some tea, 3 Tea Stops in London

November 14, 2019 Sally McLellan

It is of course quintessentially British to have a cup of tea in London, and although this is the case, many Londoners find it difficult to find the right spot. 

The Goring Hotel

If you are a recent visitor of the Belgravia district, you might have walked past The Goring Hotel; an historic luxury hotel famous for its independent style and modern cuisine. Despite being primarily a hotel, the afternoon tea within the Bar & Lounge offers a luxurious menu with extraordinary surroundings.

Since opening over a century ago, the Goring has been perfecting its afternoon tea experience to the point of award-worthy notice. Recently awarded the holder of The British Tea Guild Council’s Top London Afternoon Tea Award, the Goring offers fruity homemade jams, delicious pastries and high-quality tea blends that we’ve come to love.

The Tea Terrace

If you’re looking for a purlieu that is a little bit more fun at a competitive price, then The Tea Terrace is the perfect hideout for you.

Opened up by a husband and wife team with the aim to bring more tea shops into a country filled with coffee shops, the terrace is decorated in bright blues, pinks and whites. Pick a table with whimsical tall chairs and enjoy scones with strawberry jam and clotted cream or slices of cake including lemon loaf and banana bread.

The Tea Terrace is located on the 2nd floor of the House of Fraser department in London Victoria and is a perfect stop if you’re already shopping in the London area.

The Ritz

Want to experience London to its fullest? The Ritz has been the traditional tea stop since its opening in 1906 with its infamous heritage becoming such a popular attraction today. With tradition comes class, a requirement of the Ritz is for all customers is to dress appropriately. That means heels people, and if you’re bringing along a special guy, then they’ll have to drop the jeans and sportswear for a jacket and tie.

The sense of formality and the seamless service is bound to end or even start your London experience on a high-note. Not to mention that past 7:30pm you can enjoy a meal accompanied by an opera singer and pianist for a truly memorable moment.