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Top Hair Tips for battling that January Weather

November 14, 2019 Sally McLellan

Welcome to the New Year all, we hope you had a fabulous Christmas and end-of-year period! It’s January, we know, getting back to work and the early starts are a major struggle. The mornings are freezing and walking to your office with messy hair is how we’re probably all living for the next month.

Don’t worry, although we might not be able to get your boss to give you an extra lie in for an hour, we can definitely give you some tips to keep your hair healthy all the way through to February!

Tip 1:

Start with the pillow. Believe it or not, choosing a silk pillow can ensure your hair keeps in the vital moisture it needs as well as limit the amount of breakage. Although this won’t completely fix your hair problems, it’ll get you off to a good beginning.

Tip 2:

A treatment conditioner with sea-algae or sea kelp is an absolute must when it comes to your daily routine. Natural minerals from the sea helps boost shine and moisture to keep your hair looking fabulous.

Tip 3:

Hair masks are your number one friend and there’s a few great ways to go about it:

  • For frizzy hair, use a keratin base for long-lasting moisture and leave in for no more than 12 minutes.
  • Thin hair? You can always benefit from some hydration, focus on the ends when applying your hair mask and don’t leave it on for more than three minutes before rinsing.
  • If you want to go for a more natural approach, mash up some avocado and apply moderately. You can leave this on for 30 minutes whilst having a bath or sauna. All the oils will remain in your hair throughout the day.

Tip 4:

We all love heat styling, but taking a break every couple of days will do your hair some good. Apply a leave-in conditioner to battle the January frizz and enjoy those extra minutes that you’ve earned! 

Tip 5:

Stop going out with your hair wet ladies! Yes we know, you woke up late this morning and you’re going to miss your train, but you hair is at a higher risk of damage and mixing it with cold air could lead to brittleness. Use some extra time to dry your hair properly before going out and try using sulfate-free products in the shower that won't remove all your natural oils. 

Now get out there, embrace the wonders of Winter!