We are working across all areas of our business to minimise our social and environmental impact and I want to share with you the steps we have taken so far.

We are committed to building our collections with longevity at the forefront of our minds through each stage of the sourcing, design and production processes.

Our brand values mean that we will do our absolute best to learn as much as we can to find more ethical ways of working and to embed sustainability at every stage.

We are not interested in fast fashion where the planet pays the price, we are passionate about designing high-quality pieces that are versatile and will last. We want you to love and wear our clothes for many years to come.

We know we are by no means perfect... yet, but we are committed to change – even when it's not easy.

We also know it is a long journey, but it is one that we care deeply about and we'll be sharing our updates here as we progress.

By taking small steps... we can affect a big change.

We are proud to... 

  • Have changed all of our packaging to be Ecofriendly and Recyclable 
  • Use at least 60% responsibly sourced fabrics and fibres and we are increasing this all of the time.
  • Use sustainably sourced cotton in many of our jersey collections. Sustainable sourcing relates to how a cotton crop is grown and means a reduced water consumption in the harvesting. Regular cotton also uses 10% of the world's pesticides which heavily pollutes crops.
  • By using organic cottons there is less reliance on pesticides because all natural fertilisers are used, free from harmful, toxic and harsh chemicals.
  • Be trialling recycled polyesters in our future collections and digitally printing many of our designs. Digital printing saved over 40 billion litres of water worldwide in 2019.

We are proud to...

  • Be a living wage employer.
  • Only work with factories that meet the highest ethical standards. Good relationships are part of our DNA and it is essential that we only work directly with the factories that share our ethos.
  • Be committed to inclusivity across our whole organisation.
  • Put our customers at the heart of everything we do.